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GALAXY Certification International Ltd.

Moving Towards Tomorrow


Galaxy Certification Corp. is an independent third party registrar; a Canadian Certification Body, operating from a global network of offices providing certification and training services around the world.

Galaxy Certification Corp. is internationally recognized and has been fully accredited for several schemes including ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO22000 giving you confidence in the high quality and value of its certification and training services.

Our qualified and competent assessors, tutors along with support staff, guarantee professional value added services to all of our customers. Galaxy Certification Corp. directors and top management are all qualified lead auditors, who have practical experience from careers within diverse industries.

Galaxy Certification Corp. is highly committed to the values of independence and impartiality due to its involvement in the certification business.

We remain self-financing. The corporation does not receive funding from government or any other source; income is derived solely through pertinent customer fees.

We understand the importance of communication and learn about our customers’ needs and expectations by way of feedback. Galaxy Certification Corp. invites customer suggestions and comments. Customer feedback is also well integrated into our business planning systems and procedures.

Regional Offices/Agents

  1. Armenia
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Chile
  4. Czech
  5. Denmark
  6. Egypt
  7. India
  8. Iran
  9. Romania
  10. Slovakia
  11. Sweden
  12. Turkey
  13. Uruguay
  14. Zaire